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Even with the safety features in today’s vehicles, auto injuries are still common and too many people don't get the treatment they need. Balance Wellspace is dedicated to giving their Roanoke, Virginia, Southwest Virginia, patients the personalized care they need to make a full recovery after an auto accident.

Auto Injuries Q & A

What are the most common types of auto accident injuries?

Whiplash, a condition that causes neck pain and stiffness, is one of the most common auto accident injuries. Other potential auto accident injuries include middle back pain, lower back pain, sciatica, headaches, and dizziness. Some people even develop emotional side effects after an auto accident injury. For example, a person with untreated whiplash may be in such severe pain that they become depressed.

Are auto accident injuries always obvious?

No. Auto accident injuries may not be obvious immediately after the accident. In fact, it's not uncommon for injuries like whiplash to take several days or even longer to reveal symptoms. Because of this, it's vital for anyone involved in an auto accident to get checked out promptly, even if they don't have any symptoms. Dr. Jennifer Walker, the chiropractic care provider at Balance Wellspace, and her team, can provide expert evaluation that will identify any injuries, even if the symptoms haven't started yet. Being proactive about treatment can be the key to a faster recovery.

What is the treatment for auto accident injuries?

This can vary widely based on the specific injury. The chiropractic approach to auto accident injuries involves natural healing through proper spinal balance. The Balance team will determine the part of the spine where the injury occurs, and will then perform specific adjustments to help the body start the healing process. Auto accident injuries can involve the cervical spine, the lumbar spine, or both parts of the spine. All chiropractic treatments are non-invasive and require no drugs. Most patients experience pain relief after only a few sessions, and with a complete course of treatment the patient can achieve the same level of health they had before the auto accident.

Do patients have to see a medical doctor before seeing a chiropractor?

It's not necessary to see a medical doctor before seeing a chiropractor. However, auto accident victims will often see a medical doctor immediately after their accident, whether it's at the hospital or in an urgent care setting. That doctor will often refer the patient to a chiropractor if soft tissue injuries are observed.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

We gladly accept most health insurances. Dr. Walker is a participating provider in most insurance plans. It is important that you contact the customer service number on your insurance card to verify your chiropractic coverage. Please contact our office directly at (540) 343-0055 for additional information regarding these payment plans.

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