Why Regenerative Medicine Could Be a Great Alternative for You

Did you know about 20% of American adults struggle with chronic pain? Unfortunately for about half of these people, the chronic pain stops them from being able to take part in at least one of their normal daily activities. 

If this describes you, our experienced providers at Balance Wellspace can help. Our pain management specialists are committed to providing our patients in Roanoke and northern Virginia the best in pain management with regenerative medicine

If you’re tired of taking pills to treat your pain, regenerative medicine could be the right alternative for you. Here’s what you need to know. 

What is regenerative medicine?

Your body came with everything it needed to heal injuries and damaged cells. But as you age, your body’s ability to heal slows and diminishes. 

Your body has a natural defense system to protect against damaged or injured tissues. When your tissues die or are damaged, your body produces special cells to repair damaged tissues, decrease inflammation, and restore normal functioning. 

Since aging prevents your body’s natural regenerative processes from being as effective as they once were, you're more likely to develop degenerative conditions and/or chronic pain as you get older. 

Regenerative medicine restores your body’s natural healing processes by using FDA-approved placental tissues to promote cellular regeneration and healing. 

When you receive a regenerative medicine treatment at Balance Wellspace, these tissues have properties that get to work healing your body so you can get back to living a full, healthy life. 

Is regenerative medicine a good alternative for me?

One of the best things about regenerative medicine is that we can use it to treat a number of different health conditions and injuries. If you’re tired of taking pills and other medications for your pain, it’s worth discussing regenerative medicine with us. 

At Balance Wellspace, we use regenerative medicine to alleviate pain caused by many diseases and injuries, including:

To speed your recovery, we may recommend additional therapies to improve your results and make sure they last. Some of these therapies may include weight management, massage therapy, functional medicine, and lifestyle changes.

How does regenerative medicine help ease pain?

Regenerative medicine treatments at Balance Wellspace help alleviate your pain by giving you extra healing cells where your body needs them most. Because we inject regenerative treatments directly into your damaged or injured tissues, we target the areas that need the most healing. 

And because regenerative medicine treatments work to repair the damaged tissues, fixing the root cause of your pain, your relief lasts. Conventional medicines and injections, on the other hand, only provide temporary pain relief since they don’t address the underlying cause of your pain.   

Are you ready to learn more about regenerative medicine and why it could be the right solution for you? Call the Roanoke office of Balance Wellspace or request an appointment online now.

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