Are You a Candidate for Regenerative Therapy?

Did you know over 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain? Everyone has pain from time to time, and most pain goes away on its own or after you take over-the-counter pain relievers. But if you’re suffering from chronic pain due to injury or an underlying condition, the pain can last for weeks, months, and even years.   

At Balance Wellspace with offices in Roanoke, Virginia, and Denver, Colorado, our compassionate care providers understand the negative impact chronic pain can have on your health, well-being, and quality of life. Our offices offer regenerative medicine, or mesenchymal Regenerative Medicine treatments, to alleviate your chronic pain safely and effectively.

Read on to learn more about this cutting-edge treatment option and whether you’re a candidate for Regenerative Medicine treatments.

What are Regenerative Medicine treatments?

We use unspecialized cells  to repair areas in your body that become worn or damaged. In regenerative medicine treatments, we harvest these cells and inject them into areas of your body that are damaged to promote healing.   

Once injected, they grow to repair the existing damage that’s causing your chronic pain. Depending on the location into which they’re injected and the type of repair required, your body may create different types of cells.  

Not all Regenerative medicine treatments are equally effective. For the best results, seek treatment from experienced medical professionals like our team at Balance Wellspace to ensure you receive optimal therapy. 

Who benefits from Regenerative medicine treatments?

People suffering from chronic pain due to injury, like a ligament tear or sports injury, or those with chronic underlying conditions, like arthritis, benefit from regenerative medicine treatments. This innovative therapy can provide effective and long-lasting relief from chronic pain. 

Regenerative medicine treatments use your body’s natural healing functions to encourage regeneration and repair in the places you need it. This helps ease your pain, allowing you to live a fuller, pain-free life.

Am I a candidate for Regenerative medicine treatments?

If you have chronic pain, you could be a candidate for regenerative medicine treatments. Your care provider at Balance Wellspace evaluates your pain and medical history to determine if the treatments are right for you. 

Like other medical treatments, the Food and Drug Administration verifies the quality and integrity of regenerative medicine treatment protocols before approving them for use. At Balance Wellspace, all of our regenerative medicine therapies are approved by the FDA and are safe. 

Negative reactions to regenerative medicine treatment are extremely rare. The most common side effects include inflammation, swelling, and mild bruising at the injection site.

Ready to stop living with chronic pain?

If you’re living with chronic pain, innovative regenerative medicine treatments might be the answer. At Balance Wellspace, we provide comprehensive, individualized treatment, ensuring you receive the right treatment for your unique symptoms. 

Our offices offer a wide variety of integrative services. Before deciding on a treatment option, our team evaluates your specific symptoms, health history, and current health status to create a customized treatment plan that’s right for you. 

To learn more about regenerative medicine treatments and other services, contact us at Balance Wellspace or request an appointment online today.

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