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Accountability is key when you are trying to get in shape

Do you have fitness goals? Most people do, but lack the plan of attaining those goals in a timely manner. They start their journey and end up spinning their wheels and not really ever progressing. What happens then? They jump from program to program, trying everything they can to see some success, which may work. Most times, however, it leads to the same result of spinning wheels because they lack structure to their routines. If it were you, what would you do next?

Personal training is a method of coaching that holds people accountable to a plan that is structured for you to have success and see results. Through proper beginning assessments, the personal trainer will be able to accurately prescribe exercise protocols that would best fit not only your needs physically, but your goals as well. In short, they will help you achieve your fitness and health aspirations in a more organized, safe, and efficient way! This leads to you being less stressed, more confident, excited and motivated in continuing your journey. Just those thoughts alone lead to better results.

Here at Balance Wellspace we are bringing the personal training platform ONLINE. I know what you’re thinking, how does online personal training work? It is just like personal training but even MORE efficient, gives you MORE freedom, and allows you to have MORE balance in your life. Think of the worst things about working with a personal trainer at a gym. You have to be there at a certain time, often not at a convenient time, it can be expensive, and often not sustainable for the long haul. Online personal training offers a relief to these inconsistencies. You get the structure you need from the workouts, with video demonstrations and new workouts every phase. You get a platform to keep track of your progress pictures, measurements, and everything you’ll need to see the success you work so hard for. You also get counseling on your nutrition from the trainers to help you make the best decisions to reach the best results. Best of all, you have the freedom to do the workouts whenever you have the most time during your day, at any gym or home you can.

At the end of the day, your experience with a personal trainer can be one filled with success, excitement, positive reinforcement, and RESULTS. Get the plan you need and get started on your fitness journey!

Treigh Crouch has his master's degree in exercise physiology and is an exercise physiologist at Balance Wellspace in Roanoke, VA. He is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist and is a personal trainer at Balance Wellspace where he specializes in weight loss, high intensity interval training, cardiovascular conditioning, athletic and strength training.

Treigh Couch

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